NUFACE TRINITY PRO – Skincare Sold Exclusively through Licensed Estheticians, this advanced Microcurrent facial toning device has 400 AMPS of output that helps improve facial contour, tone, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. (Standard Microcurrent devices sold through retailers are 325 AMPS) *Please contact our team if you have any questions pertaining this device before purchase. PRODUCT OVERVIEW…

    • LAIT VIP O2

      This cleansing milk is a genuine anti-pollution make-up removal product, eliminates particulate pollutants, which can be smaller than the pores of the skin. With its purifying action, this skin care product helps eliminate the urban pollutants which accumulate on the surface of the skin tissue. The skin is healthier and regains its natural radiance, while the brightness and radiance of the complexion are restored.

    • Nairian Lemongrass Deodorant

      This fresh, unisex blend will ward away all kinds of bad smells, while keeping your skin healthy and soothed.  It features Lemongrass essential oil, which offers potent odor-killing properties, and Calendula extract which is rich in carotenoids and flavonoids, to calm and protect the delicate underarm area and prevent irritation.

    • Nairian Lavender Deodorant

      This natural deodorant, with its floral yet woodsy fragrance and incredible efficacy, will keep you smelling fresh even on the hottest day. Its key fragrance comes from Lavender essential oil which calms the mood and keeps you smelling great. This formula is capped off with Cornflower extract, rich in flavonoids to soothe the delicate underarm area and prevent irritation.

    • La Grande Crème

      A total innovation in the world of professional cosmetics, La Grande Crème targets all age-related phenomena. It acts on the cutaneous aging process to promote genuine cellular regrowth. Results: Protects the cells to preserve their longevity for a regenerating effect Improves the overall water balance of the epidermis Restructures and regenerates the dermis for a corrective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect Intensifies…

    • Crème MSR-H Corps

      Crème MSR-H Corps – Anti Aging Body Cream Product description : This anti-aging cream moisturizes, regenerates and protects the skin. Its rich, nourishing formula blends yam and soy extract with Specific Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex to enhance the beauty of mature skin, leaving its texture lastingly firmer and more unified. Direction for use : apply Crème MSR-H in the morning and/or…

    • Sérum Grand Millésime

      Energizing, Firming and Hydrating Sérum Grand Millésime Product Description: This serum is rich in revitalizing, antioxidant agents and Hyaluronic Acid and instantly brightens and rejuvenates the complexion. It is an elixir of youth, beauty and glamour for use to combat signs of aging. It is recommended for all types of skin. Result: Regenerates and tones the epidermis, leaving the skin…

    • Cocktail d’Actifs Régénerants

      Multi-Active Serum – Cocktail d’Actifs Régénerants Product description: Chock-full of vitamins and active ingredients derived from cutting-edge biotechnology, this cocktail provides multi-benefit results, even in the case of the most devitalized Skin Instants. It activates cellular regeneration, protects against the harmful effects of free radicals and boosts the skin’s protective functions while improving epidermal moisture and tone. Direction for use:…

    • Masque Vivant

      Masque Vivant is an extraordinary rebalancing mask. Its purifying formula regulates excess sebum and limits the appearance of skin blemishes. Without drying the skin and by preserving its essential hydration, the skin is clearer, healthier and shine-free.

    • Masque VIP O2

      Brightening and Unifying Mask – Masque VIP O2 Product description: This oxygenating and moisturizing “antipollution” treatment restores radiance to stressed, asphyxiated skin.  Its formula is rich in moisturizing botanical ingredients and contains the Specific Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex which stimulates epidermal regeneration and revitalizes the skin.  It is ideal to soothe sunburn and can be left in the refrigerator prior to…

    • ​Sérum Placenta

      Repairing Biological ​Sérum Placenta Product Description: This repairing serum helps reduce skin imperfections, lightens the eye contour area and restores epidermal elasticity and tonus. It is recommended for skin with imperfections and/or seborrheic skin. Result: Revitalizes and tones the skin Direction for Use: Apply on clean skin over the whole face, neck, and cleavage or directly onto skin imperfections. Massage…

    • Lotion MC 110 N°1

      For Normal Skin/Thin Skin  Lotion MC 110 N°1 Product description: This restructuring lotion exfoliates and tones the epidermis and also smoothes lines and wrinkles.  It is used to supplement P50. Lotion MC 110 N°1 is recommended for normal skin. Direction for use: Apply a few drops of Lotion MC 110 N°1 on a cotton pad and pat the face gently, insisting on…

    • Lotion P50V 1970

      Gentle Balancing Exfoliator For Normal to Dry Skin

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